Cluster Agrifood Nazionale CL.A.N.

An event dedicated to the importance of microbiomes.

Venerdì 18 febbraio, ore 13:30 | Presso Italy Pavillion – Amphitheatre e YouTube Italy Expo | Facebook Italy Expo

What are the microbiomi?
Are ecological communities present in humans, plants, animals, soils and sediments, which appear to be interconnected and that contribute to the growth and secure the health of all living organisms of our planet.

The National Committee for Biosafety, Biotechnology and Life Sciences and the Presidency of the Council of ministers has prepared the Plan of action for the industry implementation of the initiative of the Italian on the microbiome for the improvement of human health and agro-food production , with the collaboration of the national Technology Clusters WINDS and CL.To.No. and sixteen of the most important Italian industries in the health sector and the agri-food system.

This action plan was then shared with all the major Italian industrial associations in the aforementioned sectors and revised according to their suggestions.

Why is this event?
To submit formally to the key stakeholders and international public and private organisations active in the field of the microbiome , the action plan chosen and to examine together, the main frontiers of progress in human research, and food.

Where to see the event?
Live streaming on the page of Italy Expo on Youtube: you can access by following this link!