Benefits for companies

Always up-to-date

Keep up-to-date with the latest innovations in the agri-food sector thanks to a major network of specialist and institutional relations.

In step with the times

Keep informed about the latest developments in research and innovation by observing the results of relevant best-practices, drawing useful insights from them in order to introduce new approaches and processes and boost your competitiveness;

Looking ahead

Expand your network of contacts in order to initiate collaborations and develop project partnerships, experiments and pilot projects with qualified players.

Benefits for research


More effective targeting of national and regional strategies on research and innovation in the agri-food sector;

Ideas and action

Sharing project actions with expert stakeholders and developing partnerships with genuinely interested companies in order to initiate technology transfer processes;

Knowledge accelerators

Contributing to the creation of an inclusive environment that fosters the activation of synergies between industry and research, encouraging the transfer of know-how;

Benefits for local authorities


Being part of an association made up of players distributed throughout the local area and capable of dealing directly with the public administration on both a central and local level;

Coordination and synthesis

Being supported in policy orientation and financing strategy implementation in the agri-food sector;

Effective glocalism

Facilitating the affirmation of local vocations within national and international dimensions by helping to position the country with greater impact on a European level.

Membership application

having read the Statuteof CL.USTER A.GRIFOOD N.AZIONALE “CL.A.N.”, and in particular Article 3 (Object of the Association) and Articles 4 (Requirements and participation), 5 (Admission), 6 (Rights and obligations), 7 (Contributions) and 8 (Association relationship)

hereby requests

to join the CL.USTER A.GRIFOOD N.AZIONALE “CL.A.N.” association as a member, declaring to which of the following three categories the organisation belongs under Article 4:
To this end, it declares that it shares the objectives set out in Article 3 of the association’s Articles of Association and that it wishes to contribute to their achievement.

It hereby undertakes

- to comply with the rules in the Articles of Association and to respect the decisions taken by the association bodies, in matters that fall within their sphere of competence;
- to declare at the time of joining the Cluster that they belong to one of the three categories making up the Cluster: businesses, research and local areas;
- to actively participate in the association’s activities;
- to refrain from conduct contrary to the purpose and activity of the association;
- to contribute financially to the association’s operation, as provided for by the Articles of Association, by the resolutions of the Assembly and by what is stated above in Article 7.


- it acknowledges that membership applications must be submitted in writing for prior assessment by the Board of Directors, which is responsible for ascertaining the necessary requirements in accordance with the Articles of Association, and for subsequent approval by the Assembly;
- it acknowledges that membership applications are finalised with the payment of a one-off initial membership fee of 500 (five hundred) euros and an annual contribution of 1000 (one thousand) euros.

Registration fee (Article 7 of the Articles of Association)

- Yearly fee 1,000.00 euros
- The yearly fee is for the calendar year.

Fee payment method € 500.00 + € 1,000.00 = € 1,500.00

Bank transfer to CL.uster A.grifood N.azionale CL.A.N. - Monte dei Paschi di Siena – Branch 104, Rome -
IBAN IT 95 K 01030 03374 000001204596..

In the reason for payment, specify registration with the Cluster Agrifood Nazionale, the organisation being registered, the name and email address of the contact person.

I hereby authorise the use of my personal data in accordance with Law 196/03 for the exercise of the association’s activities and for the achievement of the aims of the Articles of Association. The data entered will be used for issuing the payment receipt by Cluster Agrifood Nazionale once the money has been credited to its account.