Cluster Agrifood Nazionale CL.A.N.

Ecomondo 2021. Agrifood post Covid: needs, problems and opportunities through the testimonies of agri-food companies.

On October 26th, the CL.A.N. at the Ecomondo Fair: read the details of the intervention.

Tuesday, October 26 at 10:00 in the course of the “Fiera Ecomondo” in Rimini, the Cluster Agrifood National, in collaboration with the C. T. S. of Ecomondo, is organising a seminar in which will outline its Position Paper on critical issues, needs and opportunities in the agri-food sector related to the pandemic and, thanks to the qualified company testimonials of different supply chains, represent the measures taken by the companies themselves to cope with the crisis, both in the aspect of organization of production, and of the supplies and deliveries.

For more information please refer to the program at the following link.